What does it do?

The maven svg plugin converts svg to the png or jpg format. More and more images nowadays are created with svg and one of the things you want to prevent is that generated images end up in eg cvs or have to regenerate each time you do something different with the design. From the specified svg directory the plugin will generate jpg or png's into the image directory under your maven.docs.src property.

How to install?

install the plugin by typing :

maven -DgroupId=org.mvdb.maven -DartifactId=maven-svg-plugin -Dversion=1.1 plugin:download -Dmaven.repo.remote=http://www.mvdb.org/dist/maven/
on the command line.

You can also click the download link in the menu. Just copy over the jar to your MAVEN_HOME/plugins directory.

How to use?

We advise you to put the svg images in the xdocs/images/svg directory, although you can set a different value if you want. No other settings are necessary, unless you don't want a png and a jpg generated, then you have to set the target property to just jpg or png instead of both.